Deha Tech successfully accomplishes the design and application of steel, reinforced concrete, wooden and floating jetty construction projects including designing docks, piers and breakwaters in order to be used for various purposes on the coasts such as settlement areas, industrial facilities and ports.

We prepare port, pier and jetty projects along with the feasibility reports to benefit from the optimum use of the field.

We make analysis before Installation Caisson, Quay, Wharf and Jetty:

  • Motion Analysis
  • Method Statement
  • Mooring Analysis
  • Stability Analysis
  • Ballast Procedure


We also undertake the construction of water intake piers for industrial plants.

Our products are meeting the highest requirements and standards:

  • Technical
  • Environmental
  • Economical


In the modern attitude to projects, when the time, quality and money counts, our fabricated products give more efficiency to our customers

Our know-how is based on many years of business and engineering experience. We are innovative, project-oriented, able to add big value to our customers

Deha Tech`s factories are prepared to produce small, middle or big-sized elements, weighing even hundreds of tons!

Wharf / Jetty and Caissons

Wharf / Jetty and Caissons