The best-known types of gas in the energy sector are natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG) and biogas (bio-methane, bio-CNG).

Gases must be stored with especial care, because beyond their specific traits, the pressure of gases must be taken into account.

Deha Tech engineering and construction teams are always available for different types of gas storage facilities; These are:

  • Butane, Propane, LPG & LNG Facilities
  • Oxygen / Nitrogen Facilities
  • Internal Floating Roof Facilities
  • Bullet Tanks Facilities

The type of industrial gas storage tank required by a plant depends on several factors including

  • Holding capacity
  • Measurement
  • Shape of the container

Here are some different types of storage techniques where Deha Tech is well experienced;

Spherical gas tanks are used for storing products at high pressure. Depending on the diameter of the steel sphere and the thickness of its walls, storage at up to 20 bars of gas pressure is possible.

Gases liquefied through cooling and compression either remain cold and liquid at atmospheric pressure due to evaporation enthalpy – with appropriate heat insulation (as in oxygen and nitrogen tanks), or are placed under pressure to remain liquid.

Variable volume, gas-tight containers are used at low pressure, such as disc-type and floating-bell gas containers.

Deha Tech has extensive experience in gas storage and can develop and deliver the right solution for our clients, the multidisciplinary team at Deha Tech provides our clients with services and solutions in conceptual study, concept selection, detailed design and 3D models.

And we offer sufficient injection and withdrawal capacities in order to meet all customers’ needs in a best way.