The advanced manufacturing facility, manufacturing technology, complete processing equipment, well-established quality assurance system, detection system, and large scale production capability, are the foundation of supplying the high quality product.

We have a professional technical team of manufacturing and designing various Liquid Oxygen and Nitrogen Tanks. Our Tanks are designed for the storage of the liquid gas, such as, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid carbon dioxide, liquid argon, LNG, LPG and so on. It provides the storage of high purity liquid gas for steel mills, gas production, welding, cutting and other industries.

It is a double-walled structure composed of inner tank, outer tank, inner and outer support, insulation, pressure safety system, vacuum device and piping system. External rust paint painting and other manufacturing process is completed.

Low temperature pressure vessel storage tank commonly used structures are:

  • Vertical storage tank
  • Horizontal storage tank
  • Vertical mother tank and
  • Atmospheric pressure tank

We ensure our product quality and 100% qualified product rate. Besides, we also undertake the production and installation medium and low pressure vessel.

Relying on the advantages of professionals and scientific management system Deha Tech leads in this industry and has our products sold all over the world. Our many years of stable efforts, we have received countless positive comments from our clients for the reliable service.

We provide reliability, honesty, quality and best services for our customers…