The ultimate objective of CLEANKER is advancing the integrated Calcium-looping process for CO2 capture in cement plants.

The “concrete” value chain, Low CO2 Cement Production with activated Clay:

Clinker refers to clay, pre-fired ceramic materials such as ceramic powder, brick powder or pre-fired clay. It is also used in the manufacture of niobium and other products to enable extreme high temperatures.

Clinker is a necessary step in the cement production process. The production process is also very complicated.

It is roughly divided into six steps:

  • Crushing and pre-homogenization of raw materials.
  • Fragmentation and pre-homogenization
  • Raw meal preparation
  • Raw material homogenization
  • Preheat decomposition
  • Clinker burning

Deha Tech Industrial Clinker Manufacturing Systems Solution Future:

  • Simple in Technology Process
  • Saving Capital Construction Investment.
  • With Excellent Environmental Benefit
  • Low Noise and Low Dust.
  • Low Metal Abrasion
  • Slow Speed in Equipment Depletion
  • Stable Operation.
  • Production with High Degree of Homogenization,
  • High Degree of Fineness
  • Excellent Quality
  • Robust and Reliable Construction
  • Low Resource Consumption
  • High Operating reliability
  • Saving on Transport, Storage and Fuel
  • New Power Lines are not needed
  • Power Recovery
  • Flexibility: Quickly re-programmed to manufacture expensive cement brands