Material handling is the movement, protection, storage and control of materials and products throughout manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption and disposal, inventory management and control, customer delivery, after-sales support and service.

Deha Tech can offer now a wide variety of tailor-made solutions to transport and store any type of bulk material like coal, clay, iron ore, limestone, fertilizer, clinker, cereals and many others, covering any capacity from 100 to 10.000 tons.

Our well-known technology for our crushing equipment making it the perfect choice in a wide range of industrial solution from coal mining to cement raw material handling.

Our transshipment expertise applications:

  • Bulk Handling: Stackers, Reclaimers, Storages, Conveying Systems, Bucket Elevators, Bucket Wheel Elevators, Hoppers and Bunkers
  • Marine: On Shore or Off Shore Ship Loader
  • Mining: Apron Feeders, Normal Duty Crushers, Heavy Duty Crushers, Stationary Unit, Mobile Unit